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Letter from Etie

Dear Friends:

Loris was founded as a way to promote better conversations between people, anonymously, and with the expectation that data privacy is essential to our mission. Since inception, our software has had an innovative and positive impact on the way customer service agents engage with customers and their complex needs, all without anyone ever sharing personally identifiable information (PII). By helping agents navigate difficult conversations smoothly, we have brought more empathy into the world and improved a facet of life that people tend to dread: customer service interactions.

I have been fascinated by the ways in which people’s conversations can be improved through various messaging channels, having built several messaging platforms and apps in my past. Without the ability to read body language and facial cues, digital messaging has always left something to be desired for anyone engaged in online conversation. As more and more communication between brands and consumers is taking place through digital channels, a solution that improves the experiences of both parties should be great for the world and an important problem to solve as a company.

As our platform has evolved, we have remained committed to data privacy and protection as a core institutional value. Recently, questions and concerns about the anonymity of user data have come to our attention, which has led to a thorough review of our existing policies and practices.

Loris has never trained our models or utilized data that can be traced back to a texter. All data we have used has been scrubbed of personal identifiers and our access to this data has always been limited for the protection of consumers, customer service agents, and all parties who interact with Loris or our customers’ software. We are concerned with patterns that are common to good conversations – PII or an individual’s particular message is not relevant to our learnings and is of no benefit to us.

We are proud of our rigorous data privacy policies and corporate mission that have guided Loris over time. As it stands our data management, privacy, and security control measures include:
SOC2 compliance; and
ISO27001 certification, and we are audited annually by multinational firms to ensure compliance.

To say it simply, Loris is a for-profit company that works primarily to help frontline customer
service agents communicate with greater empathy and efficiency. Data privacy and security have been, and continue to be, of utmost importance to us. We’ve taken every precaution to protect the privacy and security of our data and will continue to bring as much good and empathy into the world as possible.

Etie Hertz
Chief Executive Officer


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