Connection to CTL

    Connection to CTL

  • Tell me more about your connection to Crisis Text Line.

    Crisis Text Line (CTL) is a not-for-profit organization that provides free, 24/7 text support for people in crisis.

    CTL is a Loris shareholder. Our success offers material benefit to CTL, helping the organization continue its important work. We believe this model is a blueprint for ways for-profit companies can infuse social good into their culture and operations, and for nonprofits to prosper.

    CTL showed us how empathy insights could help people facing life’s toughest situations. Now, we’re bringing that learning to customer care because it’s a world that’s let most of us down—and it’s where we’re most needed.

  • Wait. How do you handle privacy, especially CTL mental health data?

    Rest easy. Privacy is integral to Loris. In fact, safeguarding personal data is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the reason we draw our insights from anonymized, aggregated data that have been scrubbed of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). No data from volunteer applications or training are shared, and no individuals can be identified in our datasets.

    We apply what we learn to help people have better, more human, conversations.

  • Sure, a ‘social mission’, but you’re still a for-profit company. What gives?

    We don’t believe social gain and profit are mutually exclusive (or that there isn’t room for a more nuanced conversation). Finding a way to better both, in a single solution, is our reason to be. We’ve baked all of our learning into enterprise software that helps companies boost empathy AND bottom line.