• What does it take to get up and running with Loris?

    It’s easy to get started out of the box with Loris and to integrate our software with systems you’re already using. Our onboarding app takes minutes to complete, so your agents can field messages, right from day one.

    We install as an app into your existing customer service platform (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.). Our front end integrates seamlessly into your user interface, and we surface our back end through a web-based dashboard.

  • Are you a chatbot?

    Nope. There’s a place for automation when it comes to repetitive tasks, but bots are out of their league when it comes to handling more complex situations. Customers want more than a ‘fix’—they want to be heard and understood. We believe real, human conversations are the best way to reach them, whatever they’re feeling. (Bots can’t do that.)

  • What KPIs do you move?

    We give you the power to influence the metrics that matter.

    While companies use a range of KPIs to measure performance, We aim to improve First-Contact Resolution (FCR), Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT), while reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) and customer and employee churn. Over the long term, this will boost the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers.

  • How does Loris support brand consistency and customer retention?

    We empower distributed teams, anywhere in the world, to deliver consistent customer care that reinforces your brand with every message. The goal is to make the brand experience consistent, not to make agents the same. It’s the reason we guide text conversations (we don’t automate them) and we work with CX teams (we don’t replace them). We simply help agents deepen their connections with customers, no matter their soft skills or starting place.