Make Agents Faster

Our real-time coaching uses macros to significantly reduce free form typing, resulting in increased concurrency and reduced average handle time.

Maintain Your Brand

Fast-growing teams have agents all across the world. Loris ensures your customers get the same high-quality experience every time they talk to you.

Insights on Every Message

Our AI analyzes and scores every message to give agents real-time insights, helping them deliver personalized service to make your customers feel heard.

How we’re different

More than sentiment analysis

We don’t just analyze sentiment in text. We go further, helping CX teams and agents know exactly what to do next to build brand-saving conversations.

Beyond bots

Bots may handle the basics, but they’re no match for more complex situations. We use machine learning to leverage empathy insights that make agents more human, not less.

360˚ QA

Install Loris in LivePerson within minutes, no engineering effort required. Agents can benefit from all our out-of-the-box functionality on the first day.

Ready to enhance your agent experience in LivePerson?

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