Give your agents their very own Co-Pilot to drive results

Chatbots and deflection can handle a lot of basic customers inquiries, but for more complex issues your team needs quick answers and insights. Real-time agent guidance helps agents say the right thing, at the right time, with empathy and a distinctly human touch.

For Team Leaders

Build agent workflows

Design the steps you want your agents to take for every
customer outreach reason and pathways for each policy.

Manage macros & Tone

Get out-of-the-box techniques proven to help with agent
empathy. Configure your own brand, policy and team best-
practice response text.

For Your Agents

Guide macros & tone

Suggested text helps agents respond faster, accurately and empathetically. Their individual edits and personalization avoid leaving a bot-like impression.

See Real-time sentiment

Agents analyze objectively how their responses are impacting customer sentiment – so they can course correct in the moment.

Continuously Improve
 Agent Performance

Ensure agents say the right thing, at the right time with guided workflows and programmed macros that help agents follow policy, and respond to customers in a timely, accurate, and empathetic way. Everytime.

Categorize: Automatically Tag

Agents no longer need to tag or categorize conversations. Loris will automatically tag every inbound customer contact by the reason for outreach and sentiment.

Converse: Agent Suggested Macros
Based on the topic and customer sentiment identified, guided workflows and macros are suggested to agents in real-time so they follow configured policies & best practice responses, across every interaction.
Succeed : Roll Out the Winning Combination

Based on your test, enact the best performing macros and workflows to help you agents deliver more successful outcomes to more satisfied customers.

Test + Adapt: Policy & Macros Variants
Set up A|B tests to learn which macros, agent workflows and policy variants result in saving money or time, while maintaining a positive customer experience.

Say the right thing

at the right time

All agent best-practice macros & tone can be managed directly within Loris.
  • Out-of-the-box proven empathy techniques
  • Agents can add and suggest their favorite macros
  • Team leads can approve and roll out to the entire team
  • Macros are suggested to agents in real time, based on topic & customer sentiment

Minimize agent ramp times

New hires quickly perform on par with veterans.
  • Suggested macros are presented for every customer interaction
  • Concurrency is easier with step by step conversation progress points
  • Loris integrates with your existing support platform, minimizing onboarding time as agents will continue to work in the same place

Ensure compliant conversations

Configure policy steps and parameters directly into Loris:

  • Suggested steps for each scenario keeps agents on track
  • Ensure accommodation values such as customer discounts and credits are applied in the right amounts, at the right time in line with policy
  • A|B test accommodation values to learn how to reduce costs
  • Agents respond accurately preventing further customer frustration

Boost Agent Performance

and Reduce Appeasement Cost

Slice came to Loris with a mission to improve agent producitivty and found even greater impact on the consistency and quality of agent responses.
0 %
Average CX response times decreased by 20%
0 %
Average handle times decreased by 12%
0 %
Agent compliance with Slice policies increased to 81%
0 %
Appeasement credit spend decreased by 36%
“We originally came to Loris with a mission to improve our agent’s productivity and to ensure that even newer agents could ramp up faster. Appeasements were not an initial focus. However, the impact that Loris demonstrated in just six weeks has been incredible, with a reduction in credits issued by 36% and a projected hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for our business . We now plan to further roll out Loris to additional channels.”

Enis Haskaj
Director of Operations, Slice

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