Turn Quality Assurance into Your Customer Experience Competitive Edge

Customer service agents are the face of your business. And they have a direct impact on your Customer Experience. But the way Quality Assurance (QA) teams measure agents is… broken.

Random conversation selection. Subjective scoring. No insight on larger trends. And way too much time spent manually reviewing call recording and transcripts. 

Ready to get more out of QA?

Lower the cost of Quality Assurance

Perform more quality checks with fewer resources, freeing analysts and managers to focus on agent coaching and development. 

  • Automate interaction selection using AI to highlight and score the most impactful customer conversations
  • Conduct more reviews of customer interactions without having to listen to entire phone calls or comb through transcripts 
  • Easily pinpoint relevant parts of the conversation using the Loris Sentiment Graph to focus QA analyst reviews 
Assessment Performance Dashboard: User interface with multiple dashboard widgets

Drive better agent performance in less time

Shorten agent review cycles by automating interacting scoring and selecting the latest conversations, giving your customer service agents the timely guidance they need to quickly improve.

  • Automatically complete agent scorecards for effective communication skills, helping QA analysts do more reviews on more agents with less effort
  • Easily tailor your workflows, scorecards, and assignments based on what’s important to your customer experience
  • Simplify everything QA – combining customer interactions, scorecards, agent coaching, and disputes into one platform

Increase consistency and value in your QA program

Leverage AI to standardize how agents are measured, while gaining insights valuable to your entire business. 

  • Use AI to create objective scoring across all your agents – and across all your channels – for more uniform evaluation
  • Spot trends and insights at the agent, team, and organizational level
  • Use conversational insights to remove customer friction, improve your products, and develop new offerings

Key QA Features

The Gist: Conversation Summarization

Get the full context of each customer conversation at a glance, time spent on reading transcripts, listening to calls, and writing call summaries. 

Scouts: Intelligent Conversation Selection

Make sure your QA teams focus on the most recent and relevant interaction, by using configurable conditions and precalculated scores to route the right conversations. 

Resolution Indicator: Find Issues at Scale

Understand which types of conversations aren’t being resolved to focus your QA and customer experience efforts on the right conversations.

Here's how you get more out of
Quality Assurance, with less effort

Loris CQA (Conversational Quality Assurance) automates the time-consuming parts of the agent performance review process, so you have more time for higher value work like conversational analysis and agent coaching. 

Measure: Customer & organizational trends

Identify important performance and customer trends, turning millions of customer conversations into an organizational feedback loop.

Analyze: All your interaction channels

Benchmark customer conversations across all channels for sentiment, customer intent, Conversational Quality (CQ), and more to create objective metrics for agent interaction review.

Coach: Give agents opportunities for improvement

Generate on-demand coaching sessions, enabling agent managers and team leads to give feedback on the latest agent evaluations – so that agents can correct behavior more quickly. Give agents the ability to dispute specific assessment criteria they disagree with. 

Score: Assign and assess based on what you value

Select the most recent and relevant conversations for review based on what’s important to your organization. Automatically score agents for conversation management skills shortening the time QA analysts spend on assessments. 

For Quality Assurance teams

Scorecard showing customer call with transcript and analytics

Assess agents across all interaction channels

Utilize a single QA platform across your chat, email, and voice conversations

Ensure data-driven, objective assessments

Analyze 100% of conversations to surface the interactions with the greatest impact on agent performance and CX

Improve QA scorecard & workload management

Automate interaction selection and scoring of critical criteria using AI to increase consistency and productivity

For Customer Experience teams

Agent coaching session

At-a-glance performance views

Gain instant understanding of key metrics at the agent, team, and organizational level

All-in-one agent coaching platform

Streamline assessment, scoring, and coaching  – in the same solution as metrics, scorecards, and original conversations

Uncover customer trends and agent issues

Easily perform root cause analysis and customer intent discovery across millions of interactions

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