The traditional QA process needed to be disrupted.

Take the “Manual” Out of QA

The status quo of manually reviewing only a fraction of conversations to understand what is happening with agents not only results in incomplete data it also is expensive and time consuming. It results in finding issues after they have occurred and oftentimes repeated which can be much too late.

For Quality Assurance Leads

Improve Agent Performance

Reinvent the scorecard by automatically gaining access to all of your agent conversations and automating the coaching moment process.

Automate Agent Audits

Save hours per day reading and auditing conversations. Filter and sort views that rank your agents by sentiment outcomes and resolution speed.

For Customer Teams

Coach In Real Time

Easily identify the behaviors that lead to the best & worst customer outcomes. Roll out best practice workflows and macros instantly to agents.

Spot Trends & Insights

Elevate the root cause of what’s driving customer dissatisfaction—person, product, or policy—with aggregated conversation data.

Continuously Improve
 Quality Assurance

Loris takes the tedious parts of the review process and gives you the analytical support to drive continuous improvement in your CX organization.
Categorize: Automatically Tag
Minimize manual re-tagging work. Loris will automatically tag every interaction by agent, topic and customer sentiment.
Converse: Real-Time Coaching
Identify best practice behaviors that lead to positive customer sentiment and roll them out across all agents instantly.
Succeed : Generate Scores & Reviews

Automated CQ scores across agent performance metrics selected by you with benchmarks available based on historical data.

Analyze: Top and Bottom Performers
Identify best practice agent behaviors that lead to positive customer sentiment, or the opportunities for improvement.

Evaluate 100% of customer 
conversations - automatically

Thanks to recent advancements in AI and natural language processing, evaluate metrics across all conversations.
  • Track all standard efficiency metrics such as first response time and average handle times
  • Gather Conversational Quality scores along with agents ability to improve customer sentiment, without surveys
  • Monitor policy adherence and agent compliance

Objective metrics 
means objective agent reviews

Understand the agent behaviors that lead to positive customer sentiment outcomes.
  • Set performance standards based on the ideal outcomes
  • Get suggested quality metrics and build your scorecards with options like “using the right tone” and “responding in a timely manner”
  • Set quantitative benchmarks and take the subjectivity out of performance reviews for tone & empathy

Automatically generate 
performance reports

Save hundreds of hours in data digging and aggregation, and get the data for weekly or bi-weekly reports in one place.
  • Each report indicates areas of strength, areas of improvement, along with stats and examples for coaching.
  • Analytical tools enable you to spot trends and insights
  • Get access to data and insights that historically would have taken a team of data analysts or lots of your time

A Good Conversation on
Bad Conversations in Customer Care

61% of customers switch after one bad experience
Challenging customer conversations happen everyday. Get solutions informed by the latest best practices and recent technology advancements.
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