Fintech Experiences
You can take to the bank

Fintech & financial services organizations know -
there are no "small" banking issues.

Be the trusted source to your customers in need

Your customers depend on you for everything from paying rent to buying groceries to planning for retirement, so even minor issues can have a major impact. 

And for most accountholders, your app, website, or card is your branch – and your agents are your advisors. 

How do you remove points of friction that affect everything from share of wallet to the entire financial relationship? 

See how Loris turns your customer interactions into a early warning system of conversational intelligence.

Loris helps Fintech & Financial Services leaders:

Customer Insights for Fintech

Instantly visualize what's happening in every customer conversation, everywhere

Discover the top reasons your accountholders are contacting you, what issues they’re running into, and address potential impacts to their experience in less time.

Quality Assurance for Fintech

Improve your team's performance and coaching with fast & easy automation

Ensure you have the accurate visibility into how your agents are handling each customer interaction at scale. Spot mistakes and policy violations quickly – to address small issues before they become bigger problems.

Agent Guidance for Fintech

Real-time agent
guidance & suggested text

Help each agent say the right thing, at the right time with guided workflows that help them stay in compliance with your policies and respond to each accountholder in a timely, accurate, and empathetic way. Everytime.

Ready to make AI work for you?

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Want Voice of the Customer insights without the annoying surveys?

See how Loris is putting the easy in VOC with our latest release. 
Read all about it and take a product tour here.

Heading to CCW Las Vegas June 4th to 6th? 

Stop by booth #1201 to connect with the Loris team or reserve your time in advance before schedules fill up!