Telecom Experiences
that Customers will phone home about

Telecom & ISP organizations are a lifeline for your customers.

Turn a problem into a customer for life

Your business is built on customer loyalty. So even small issues can put a lifelong relationship at risk. 

Spotting and addressing issues across a large and diverse subscriber base is no easy task, but is essential to maintaining high quality customer experience. 

See how Loris turns all your customer interactions into a goldmine of conversational intelligence.

How Loris helps Telecom leaders:

Customer Insights for Telecom

Instantly visualize what's happening in every customer conversation, everywhere

Discover the top reasons your subscribers are contacting you, what issues they’re having, and address potential impacts in less time.

Quality Assurance for Telecom

Improve your team's performance and coaching with fast & easy automation

Ensure you have the accurate visibility into how your agents are handling each of your customers, and spot mistakes immediately – to address small issues before they become bad habits.

Agent Guidance for Telecom

Real-time agent
guidance & suggested text

Help each agent say the right thing, at the right time with guided workflows that help them stay within your policies and respond to customers in a timely, accurate, and empathetic way. Everytime.

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See how Loris is putting the easy in VOC with our latest release. 
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