Improving the quality of CX conversations with machine learning to make customer support more human, empathetic, and scalable

Scale CX, Intelligently

Loris is an intelligence layer that helps customer teams successfully increase effective digital support – like messaging, SMS, and live chat – so they can lower costs while better serving customers who expect quality support anytime, anywhere they want to reach out.

Loris provides end-to-end value across across support operations departments by improving the quality of every conversation:

For frontline agents, Loris analyzes both the reasons customers reach out and their initial sentiment, and then guides agents in real time with suggested responses to respond efficiently, accurately and empathetically.

For CX leaders, and their QA, Ops, and Analyst leads, Loris enables the ability to test and learn which responses or policies are most effective, aggregate those outcomes into insights, and a centralized CMS to roll out best practices to all frontline agents.

For our clients we have materially reduced customer churn while improving the quality of conversations (CSAT) and lowering hard costs of their support operations.

Said best by our team

Guy Halevy

“We are providing an understanding of what customers truly care about and AI to improve their CX department accordingly and in real-time.”

Seth Levine

Machine Learning

“We are in a unique position to help make the lives of agents better and in turn make the lives of our clients better while extracting meaningful insights.”

Christina Drum

CX & Ops

“We help frontline agents feel superhuman with our software, and now insights from their interactions are easily digestible for their CS org & the entire company.”

Kavan Edwards


“I really feel we are innovating. I love that what we are building is a combination of technology and product, which is rarely seen.”

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Why we're here

We’re a team of data scientists, technologists and behavioral linguistics experts solving for how to bring more empathetic conversations to the world. We believe that AI doesn’t have to mean deflecting human conversation – rather, helping to make those conversations more accessible. We believe every customer interaction is a chance to not only resolve tickets in record time, but to learn more about what behaviors drive satisfaction and advocacy, and roll out changes that help companies be beloved brands.

Our Investors

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New York, U.S.A.
Tel Aviv, Israel

“I was asked about our ChatGPT strategy… but I don’t know a GPT from a GPS!” 

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