Why we’re here

We’re a team of data scientists, technologists and behavioral linguistics experts solving for how to bring more empathetic conversations to the world.

We believe every customer interaction is an opportunity to create a relationship through real-time responses and an obsession with customer satisfaction. We believe every interaction is a chance to not only resolve tickets in record time but to create a customer advocate and bring Voice of Customer insights back to the business, all in real-time.

We’re here to deliver on this mission by enabling fast growing online companies with out-of-the-box technology, industry leading implementation times, and by delivering best-in-class client service ourselves.

Said best by our team

Maggie Faust
CX & Ops
“Customer service is a brutal job. I get to bring more empathy and positive conversations to a world that needs it.”
Seth Levine
Machine Learning
“We are in a unique position to help make the lives of CX agents better and in turn make the lives of customers better while extracting meaningful insights for our clients.”
Althea Wallop
“Everyday I explore answers to questions such as, "What really makes humans different from machines?". Loris is at the incredible intersection of storytelling, intelligent software, and systems engineering.”
Ron Schwartz
“I really feel we are innovating, suggesting something new to the world. I love that what we are building is a combination of technology and product, which is rarely seen.”

We have more to say.

A percentage of all revenue supports Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is a Loris shareholder. Our success offers material benefit to CTL, helping this non-profit organization continue its important work. We believe this model is a blueprint for ways for-profit companies can infuse social good into their culture and operations, and for nonprofits to prosper.

Our Investors

No one knows hard conversations better

Loris launched in 2021. We’re early in our growth trajectory and looking for passionate talent. Check out our open roles or follow us for future opportunities.

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Our Locations

New York, U.S.A.
Tel Aviv, Israel