Understand Every Conversation, Easily Take Action

Our world-class sentiment and customer intent models give you information for 100% of your customer conversations to understand to help you understand and improve every interaction

For Customer Teams

Automatically Tag Interactions

Loris will automatically tag every inbound customer contact by the reason for outreach, sentiment and the agent handling the conversation. Saving you time and money.

Understand Sentiment Scores

Discover which topics drive the toughest conversations, identify what’s driving dissatisfaction, and explore conversations to identify possible solutions.

For The Business

Get Policy & Product Insights

Aggregated conversation data and easy to use filters can elevate the product lines or policies that need to be addressed to improve the quality of every customer conversation.

Identify Areas to improve LTV

Immediately understand what leads to the best and worst customer outcomes based on your business. Use this information to prioritize the areas that can have the most significant impact on customer retention.

Continuously Improve 
Customer Insights

Elevate the trends and topics driving the most negative customer sentiment, so your team knows where to take action, improve quality, and enable you to reach your goals.

Categorize: Automatically Tag

Minimize manual re-tagging work. Loris will automatically tag every interaction by agent, topic and customer sentiment. Saving time and money.

Analyze: Customer Sentiment Scores

Understanding the people, products or policies that are driving the greatest dissatisfaction, so you know where to take action.

Succeed : Roll Out the Winning Combination
Once you know what works, instantly roll out new best practices to all agents with the Loris CMS.
Test + Adapt: Learn What Improves Results
Set up A|B with new agent workflows or policy variants to learn what saves money, time and improves customer experience.

Predicted CSAT for 100% of 
Customer Conversations

Surveys on average capture 15% of customer conversations. With Loris, get real-time sentiment scores for 100%.
  • Avoid human errors, dirty data or survey bias – while saving tons of time to attribute sentiment
  • Natural Language Processing or “NLP” technology reads and assigns sentiment scores for every interaction
  • Get visibility into the delta from first message sentiment to the last to understand if the customer outcome improved

Understand the top reasons for 
customer dissatisfaction

Insights dashboards provide filters and views to easily discover the root cause behind frequent or emerging customer issues.
  • Easily organize sentiment outcomes by people, products or policies
  • Set and benchmark performance against your company’s standards
  • Prioritize action for the issues posing the most significant threats

A|B test to learn and 
assess improvements

Once you know the issues, take action with Loris.
  • Create changes to agent workflows and policies, and push out a test to a control group of agents.
  • Learn how the test impacts customer satisfaction, hard costs like appeasements, or efficiency metrics.
  • When you see positive results, push out the winners to the rest of the team – instantly.
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How BILL improved customer conversations with Loris

Bala Venkataramanan, Head of CX at BILL and his team gained better visibility into every customer conversation and the insights they need to drive positive outcomes.

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Advocates who felt their conversations were better with Loris

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. At the same time, I’ve always asked myself, what would it take to go fast and go far!! The answer that I’ve found is, building solid partnerships.

One such example is Loris.ai that’s enabling our CX agents to gauge customer sentiment for every single transaction through an AI based engine that’s giving us breakthrough levels of understanding of customer experiences that the traditional surveys have not been able to. .”

Bala Venkataramanan
Global Customer Service Executive
Bill.com, Google, Intuit & HP

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