Chatbots Aren’t Enough: When and How to Empower Your Agents

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Chatbots may be cost-effective up front, but what’s the ultimate cost of customer frustration when they’re unable to resolve an issue with a bot?

Watch the virtual panel discussion on the various pathways for customer outreach to ensure the optimal experiences that also result in positive business outcomes.

88% of customers expect companies to have an online self-service support portal.


Meet Our Panelists

Industry leaders obsessed with leading customer experiences, with a focus on digital channels and emerging technology.

Ana-Alicia leads Partner Support at Peek, an award-winning marketplace for consumer activity booking (think tours, classes, skydiving and more). 

Ana-Alicia Siqueiros

Director of Support, Peek

Loris’ leader of Customer Experience, Maggie is at the heart of practicing what we preach here at Loris, helping companies have better conversations with customers.

Maggie Faust

Head of CX, Loris

Nino brings 20 years of customer support and care experience to the table, including time at Outdoorsy, Zappos, and Upwork. 

Nino Cavenecia

Founder, Customer First

Tom is a customer-centric professional, with in-depth experience that includes tenure at Housekeep and Laundrapp. 

Tom Kirby

CX Manager, Huel

What do you need to consider when building workflows to improve digital customer service?

Chatbots are touted for their ability to handle a large volume of conversations in a cost-effective manner. But, as anyone who has ever interacted with a frustrating chatbot knows, there are many situations in which chatbots hurt the experience, rather than help.  

Tune in to learn:
  • How to build the ideal flows from the moment of customer contact that avoid escalation
  • Ways to better understand & identify intent and sentiment of the customer at the moment of entry
  • Best practices for routing contacts to agents vs self-service and chatbot channels
  • How to best augment your agents with training, tools and tech they need to succeed

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