How Smart BPOs are embracing AI in the Contact Center

There’s little question that organizations – especially those running contact centers – should be using AI in their customer service operations. But understanding that you need to do something, and actually taking those first steps are not the same thing. In fact, there can be a huge gap in knowledge that can stall potential projects and subsequent outcomes. 

This panel brings together two technology experts to share their perspective on the practical considerations of AI in the contact center. Shannon Nowell is a Customer Experience and AI technology executive who has led AI and technology implementations in a variety of industries. She’s joined by Seth Levine, Loris’ Lead Machine Learning Scientist and AI thought leader, to share his perspective on what it takes to get AI right for customer service.

After this discussion, you’ll walk away with:

  • Better understanding of current AI trends and how we got here
  • Key considerations – and how to tell if you should build or buy AI
  • Steps to get started & top use AI use cases