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Loris.ai Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding from Bow Capital, ServiceNow, and More

I’m thrilled to share that we’ve raised $12 million in Series A funding led by Bow Capital, with participation from ServiceNow Ventures, along with our existing investors Floodgate and Vertex Ventures. We’re thankful to all our investors, customers, and users for joining us in a vision to bring better conversations to the world.

We’re in the Business of Great Customer Experiences

Today, when most people talk about technological advances in customer experience, they are describing AI designed around self-service, automated “chatbot” responses and deflection to help articles. Our vision for Loris has always been to truly empower customer service agents to deliver the best possible human-interaction based experiences to customers. 

Customer support agents are, at the core, brand ambassadors. In the ever-changing online world, customer-obsessed brands want to turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to build an authentic relationship. Loris makes this possible by providing real-time techniques and language recommendations to agents, ensuring that they say the right thing at the right time to turn a disgruntled customer into a success story and to make happy customers know that they’re valued. 

We can see expectations for customer care rising every day. Every customer wants — and deserves — a white-glove service. As we move toward more AI adoption and digitization, post-sales interactions are becoming a unique opportunity for companies to hear directly from their customer base. This moment is when a customer gets to connect with a human behind the product or service, and where businesses can get real customer feedback. We believe that while AI and machine learning are advancing every day, including the golden age of natural language processing that we’re in, machines can never fully replicate human empathy and understanding when handling digital conversations. 

At the same time, we understand how hard the job of a customer service agent is. Machines can remove rote tasks from their plate, help them detect and understand sentiment, and coach them with the right words at the right time. We’ve chosen to place our bets on the thoughtful intersection of humans and machines. 

With Series A Funding, Loris Continues to Transform CX

There’s always an opportunity to clarify, add context, and improve empathy in digital conversations. Without verbal cues to guide people, it’s challenging to strike the right chord or arrive at a complete understanding with a customer — especially when emotions run high, as they often do in customer service interactions. These high emotions can cause more damage than you may think, with one bad customer conversation being enough to lose them forever.  

Loris has brought together a world-class team of data scientists, machine learning experts, behavioral linguists, and technologists to solve this problem and make customer care more scalable. We provide customer support agents with an AI-based toolkit of de-escalation techniques and language recommendations to help them turn bad conversations into great ones. 

With Loris, every agent can provide hyper-personalized customer care, learn faster, and be productive without compromising on quality. Not only that, but Loris helps businesses get more out of their digital conversations with customers by making sure the customer’s voice is heard with real-time sentiment analysis and feedback. 

How This Investment Will Change the Future of CX

With this funding, we will continue to scale our business and build a strong foundation for growth. To that end, we’ve hired Eugene Mandel as our Head of Product to lead innovation in data science and machine learning. 

We’ll also be evolving our platform and continuing to invest in cutting-edge research into human behavior and sentiment analysis. 

Read more about our Series A funding here

At Loris, we want to understand and improve conversation between two people and increase human and empathetic communications all around the world. 

And we’re just getting started… 

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