Klaus vs Loris

Klaus’ recent acquisition has many QA and customer service professionals looking for alternatives that can maintain their quality standards and be and running fast. 
The following table provides a comparison of Klaus vs Loris, to help you decide which approach works best for you and your team.

QA coverage for digital messaging, chat, and email channels
QA coverage for voice channel
Automated QA assignments
Customizable QA scorecards
Reporting dashboards
Zendesk integration
Supports additional Help Desk integrations
Pre-trained and customer-derived AI models
AI-powered customer analytics and insights
Automated scoring of 100% of conversations
Fast implementation
Mascot with opposable thumbs

When it comes to QA, Loris is top dog.

With Loris you can:
  • Measure the quality of all your conversations at the agent, team, and organization level
  • Be the expert on what customers need and ways to improve both your products and their customer journeys
  • Analyze and improve customer service performance clearly and easily
  • Give your agents the fast, targeted feedback and guidance they need to represent your brand in every interaction

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