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Quality (and Quantity) Assurance in Customer Service

In your CX organization, why do you perform Quality Assurance (QA)?

  1. to gain insight into agent performance
  2. to measure customer sentiment
  3. to enable better coaching
  4. to learn about outcomes / resolutions
  5. to see the day-to-day with the agent lens – what’re they talking with customers about?
  6. all of the above

It’s ‘f’, right? You’re looking for the big picture. You want to understand how your customers are feeling at the beginning and end of their conversation with an agent, and what steps were taken to troubleshoot, effectively address concerns, and in a perfect world, provide additional value to the customer through education or upselling other offerings.

We’ve talked before about how the typical QA process is a manual review of a small percentage (normally 2-5%) of conversations for an agent over the review period.
QA Managers have limited insight into what’s driving outcomes; they don’t have an all-access pass to agent performance.

Reviewers may draw upon ‘low hanging fruit’ for scorecard line items, such as “correct spelling and grammar” or “greet customer by their first name” to see if agents can follow baseline expectations, as well as bake in response times to push agents towards higher efficiency. And because of the manual nature of the scorecard, this likely involves multiple read-throughs of the same conversation in order to grade it.

While CSAT has long been used as a barometer for agent performance, it does fall short. Response rates tend to linger at or below 30% and with that, you’re typically seeing responses from two groups: the incredibly happy or really mad. And it can be unfair to agents because of factors outside of their control (late delivery, missing order items, a product not working properly) – at best, all they can do is escalate it to a higher team for awareness.

It’s time for a new approach- one that gives you access to 100% of conversations in near real time, to provide more timely, useful coaching sessions so you can focus on outcomes over inputs and prioritize coaching over grades.

Loris’ QA solution has entered the chat.

By combining chat transcripts with data on key metrics like response time, throughput, and customer sentiment, team leads and QA analysts can tie in results to provide meaningful feedback to agents.

And agents can access their personal dashboard to gauge progress and career growth.

If you’re curious about how you can improve QA, click here to connect with our team!

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