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Sacrifice nothing. Loris enables your teams to increase productivity, efficiency and the quality of their chat-based conversations.

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Powering innovative teams like:

Powering innovative teams like:


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Nail the customer

Your customers want more than a ‘fix’ - they want to be heard and understood. In complex situations technology fixes like chatbots can come off cold and impersonal.

Loris provides the solution. The unique pairing of machine learning and empathetic responses enables agents to guide conversations intelligently. This results in quicker conversations that produce happier customers and allows their brand to stand out.

Nail the customer experience
What we do

agent guidance

Loris’ live coaching software gives agents anywhere in the world the power to understand how your customers are feeling - and guide their chat-based conversations in real time.

Nail the customer experience

A spin-off of celebrated Crisis Text Line, we’ve handled the toughest conversations and learned from the largest mental health data set in history about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to navigating hard conversations.

How we do it

More than sentiment analysis

Analyzing sentiment is just the beginning. Loris goes further by guiding CX teams and agents through the conversations, enabling them to respond exactly the way the situation requires.

Beyond bots

Bots may handle the basics, but they’re no match for more complex situations. Loris uses machine learning to leverage empathy insights that make agents more human, not less.

360˚ QA

Comprehensive customer experience and agent performance metrics help you spot trends, target fixes, and make cost-saving decisions based on more than anecdotal evidence.

How we’re different

Why it matters

Better conversations mean happier customers and a healthier bottom line.

With LorisWithout

Better conversations mean happier customers and a healthier bottom line.

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