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Loris enables customer service teams to uncover needs and attitudes within the customer conversations you’re already having, across all your channels. Spot trends and potential issues, analyze agent performance, and guide live interactions using AI to help you deliver the best experience.

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Automatically tag every customer conversation by topic and sentiment


Extract critical insights at the agent, team & organizational level


Review CX performance to spot issues and develop solutions


Highlight opportunities for improvement


Use insights to track performance and create new strategies

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Loris works with your existing customer service platforms
Instant Customer Insights

Analyze: Transform customer conversations into game-changing insights

Discover the top reasons customers are frustrated, understand the intent behind every conversation, and develop solutions to improve not only your customer experience, but your company strategy. Instantly and all in one place.

Analytics interface with trend lines
Automated Quality Assurance

Coach: Automate agent performance & quality assurance across every channel

Stop subjective scoring, listening to long call recordings, and juggling multiple systems. Use one solution for every part of the QA process, automating conversation scoring, streamlining agent coaching, and measuring performance trends at all levels of your organization.

Scorecard showing customer call
Real-Time Agent Co-Pilot

Guide: Create better conversations as they happen

Provide real-time guidance for agents in live customer conversations, using guided workflows and programmed macros to give the right answer, at the right time. Improve policy compliance, customer satisfaction, and agent ramp time with more predictable interactions, delivered by agents and powered by AI. 

The AI supporting Customer Support

Enable customer service teams to deliver great experiences, across more conversations, with greater confidence and quality.

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