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With Insights from Loris you will never be left guessing.

Loris uses natural language AI to give you the power to make precise data-driven decisions in CX. 

It tags every conversation with unique rich metadata, from highly specific contact drivers to customer sentiment toward various aspects of experience with your brand, common situations that require attention, and the ultimate outcome of the conversation. 

Having the most complete view of what is happening and what it means to the business, allows you to find issues and share the story with internal stakeholders, update policies and macros, and evaluate and coach agents.


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With Loris you will:

Beyond insights and improved visibility, Loris has the tool to enable you to take immediate action

Once you have determined what needs to be corrected, Loris can help implements the changes needed with our complete platform, from workflows,QA and real-time agent guidance.

Agent Guidance

Real-time agent
guidance & suggested text

Ensure internal and outsourced agents say the right thing, at the right time with guided workflows that help agents follow policy, and respond to customers in a timely, accurate, and empathetic way. Every time.

Quality Assurance

Automated QA for agent performance grades & coaching moments for 100% of conversations

Ensure you have the accurate visibility into how every agent handling your account is performing, and if they are achieving at the levels you demand.

Customer Insights

Instantly visualize the data from every conversation agents are having

Discover the top reasons customers are frustrated, understand the intent behind why they are reaching out, and retain visibility for everything that matters to customer success.

AI that powers your people

Give agents higher confidence as they handle more interactions and improve quality.
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