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2020 Forever Changed the way Brands and their Customers Communicate…
Are Brands Ready?

Digital transformation is real. The relationship between companies and customers has changed more over the last year than arguably the 100 years that preceded it. The ability to walk into a store and return stuff you bought yesterday?

Depositing money at your local bank? Going to a restaurant for a meal? All of it…changed.

The world in 2021 is one of on-demand delivery, innovative options in fintech, and almost anything a consumer can think of can be had at the click of a button.

We have also seen a massive shift in the way most of us think about customer service, as well as our expectations of our favorite companies. We demand real-time answers and expect agents to listen to us. We want brands that deliver consistent service on the fly.

Given these trends and the recent pandemic, it’s clear why digital channels are exploding. Live chat has become the leading digital contact method for online customers. 79% of customers expect live chat to be available as a customer service channel. 63% of customers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.


But there’s a problem

Only 9% of companies are providing live chat. And even fewer are doing it effectively.

Live chat, sms and messaging are unlike other channels. You cannot simply reuse templates and email macros in a synchronous conversation. Companies obviously want to push for productivity gains, but doing so at the expense of quality is too dangerous a proposition for brands in today’s marketplace.

Companies are also finding that traditional reporting is flawed and outdated for these evolved modes of communication. This can leave companies guessing what is actually being said by their customers. How can a CX leader justify investing in tools to help agents when metrics like concurrency are so hard to quantify?

The reality is that customers are increasingly signing up for products and services today without speaking to a human, so often the only time that companies and customers interact is through these channels. By making these care channels the main ways that customers interact with brands, the emphasis on maintaining brand voice is critical.

Israel Team

Loris TLV

“Loris has elevated our chat support by making our support team more productive and empathetic. Our agents are getting through more tickets,  can handle more chats at the same time and are getting higher CSATs. Very quickly, Loris has become a key part of our support operations.”
– Ben Segal, Director

How can agents adapt?

This sudden shift is forcing agents to transition from phone and email to chat, sms and messaging at a rapid rate, but they often lack the support they need to tackle this new medium. Imagine an agent in a non-English speaking country that spent years improving their ability to take phone calls in English.They’re then asked to type emails in another language. Suddenly, they’re tasked with handling 3 live chat conversations simultaneously in this language as well. That’s not a crawl/walk/run approach – that’s like going from crawling to doing a backflip off a trampoline. It’s a new set of muscles that need to develop quickly


There is a way forward

Enter Loris – With its just launched real-time coaching technology that infuses empathy while boosting productivity and raising the quality of conversations between customers and brands.

Born out of Crisis Text Line, we’ve learned from the largest data set of challenging, text-based conversations that there is no substitute for empathy. Given our expertise in this space, companies looking to transition into digital channels have come to us to teach them how – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our products do the active listening for you. The scoring of conversations, customer intent, and sentiment is great. But imagine seeing this information as the conversation is unfolding, rather than after the fact? What if you could alert agents and supervisors in real-time of churn threats and timely customer issues so they can intervene?


We provide real-time conversation assistance – the right human response at the right time. We can handle everything from hard to easy, and reduce handle time by over 20% while doing it.

Are you sick of getting partial feedback from 8% of your customers? We give companies the most complete data about what’s happening not just in each conversation, but in 100% of messages within a conversation. We help managers with Performance Tracking and business leaders with intel on where the operational inefficiencies are and where the areas of investment could be.

We plug into your existing tools and platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, LivePerson and Twilio Flex. Setup is seamless and fast – companies can get started with 1 click.

Loris NYC

“We’re thrilled that Loris improved productivity and reduced handle time by almost 20%. The fact that we got those results while improving quality is even more amazing, as we saw a significant drop in negative conversations. Not to mention, our agents absolutely love the software.”
– Catherine Walker, Learning Experience Designer

What’s next?

We’re working with the world’s fastest-growing brands in fintech, delivery and marketplace. To date, we’ve received more than $7 million in funding from the likes of Floodgate, Vertex Ventures, Jeff Weiner, Dan Levitan, Homebrew, Omidyar Network, Kapor Capital, Precursor Ventures and City Lights.

We’re growing our product and data science teams in New York and Tel Aviv. Apply here.

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