CX Maturity and the Hierarchy of Needs


When you are trying to understand the customer experience (CX) maturity of an organization, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a useful analogy. To simplify it to death, before thinking of self-actualization needs (e.g., living a fulfilling and meaningful life), a person must meet their basic needs for physical survival (e.g., to fill their belly).

Actionable Insights in Customer Support

Image of a person with data images coming out of a screen below them

“Actionable insights” is a phrase heard often in descriptions of analytical products. But what makes an insight actionable and what does this mean in customer support? In order to be actionable, an insight must meet these six criteria

AI Bias: The scariest thing you’re not even thinking about

haunted house scene with full moon

This scary season, there’s a lot to be afraid of. Neighborhoods transform into cemeteries. Ghouls, witches, and monsters roam the streets to feed (mostly on candy). But all these are very obvious, intentionally overdone elements of Halloween, which because they are easily visible renders them less scary. What’s truly scary this time of year is what you don’t see – or even know about. And today, that’s AI bias.

The CX Leader’s Primer: Navigating Generative AI without the Jargon

If you are a leader in a CX organization, you probably have seen a lot of demos of AI capabilities that seem to really “get” the language of customer support in the past year – from more intuitive chatbots to tools that help agents write their messages according to brand tone. You have heard that what drives this magic is ChatGPT and Generative AI, and that this is about to change EVERYTHING.

This post will explain the main concepts behind these developments without technical jargon. After reading it, you as a CX leader will understand:

1. what these concepts are
2. why they matter
3. how they are different from what existed before, and
4. what it means to you
So, where is this all going? What will a customer service org look like in the near future?

Customer Service Team Of (a Very Near) Future

2023 has been a tough economic year for most, so welcome, budget pressure! ChatGPT is out (you’ve heard about it, right?). Customer expectations from CX also keep getting higher – let quality slide and you are opening the door for your competitor.

So, where is this all going? What will a customer service org look like in the near future?

What is Conversational Quality (CQ)

Conversational Quality

Conversational Quality (CQ) is a metric that evaluates the ability of the agent to maximize customer satisfaction throughout a conversation.

Why I Joined Loris

Every job change is a significant decision, and in discussing my next step to join Loris as Head of Product there are three reasons why the team and the story were such a strong pull for me.

The difference between AI success and failure is a clear plan. Learn what you need to know in the AI Buyer’s Guide for Customer Experience Leaders.