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Loris now provides CX insights and automated QA across all your customer service channels

Today, we’re proud to announce the release of Loris Voice Pro, a set of capabilities that expands our coverage from digital customer service channels to now include the voice channel! 

Loris Voice Pro reveals the same deep customer insights in voice calls that our platform already surfaces through digital channels – surfacing customer experience signals, intents, and more across all of your interactions and highlighting meaningful conversations for QA review and agent coaching

Why the expansion to voice now?

While digital offerings like chat and email offer modern convenience for customers, phone conversations are still a critical customer service channel for most businesses, if not the primary channel. Whether the issue involves a degree of complexity or a highly emotional topic, customers want to reach a live expert who can ensure their issue is resolved properly. 

But voice conversations also present their own unique set of challenges. The ability to extract customer intent and agent performance signals is much more difficult in voice interactions than for digital channels, both due to the accuracy of transcription as well as the quality of phone calls. 

Improvements in the speed and quality of speech-to-text capabilities have enabled Loris to expand our coverage to the voice channel while maintaining the same depth of analysis. So whether you’re a QA analyst reviewing agent performance or a Customer Experience (CX) leader looking for greater understanding of your customers, all of your customer service channels can appear in a single platform. In addition to greater process efficiency and consistency, this also creates a large pool of customer data – and the ability to perform deeper analysis on issues at the agent, team, channel, and organizational level.

Want to learn more about what’s in Loris Voice Pro? Check out our latest datasheet to learn more.

What Loris Voice Pro means for CX organizations

Previously, customer experience and customer service operations had to spend a lot of time focusing on voice. Quality assurance analysts often resorted to listening to entire calls to understand customer needs and how well the agent satisfied them. One example we heard was spending 20 minutes to assess a six-minute phone call. If you multiply this across even a sampling of voice interactions, this takes a massive amount of time while also limiting both the number of interactions that are assessed and overall insight into voice interactions. 

Loris Voice Pro’s automated call transcription and voice analytics create significant time savings, eliminating the need to listen to entire calls to understand customer intent or agent performance. Organizations will see three main benefits:

  1. Greater insight from your customer calls: With the ability to analyze voice interactions, you can spot recurring issues and points of friction in your customer experience. As an omnichannel platform, you can also combine insights from voice and digital channels for a holistic view of customer interactions. 
  2. Reduction in time and cost of voice analysis: Once QA analysts don’t have to listen to entire phone calls, often multiple times, they can conduct more reviews of voice interactions in less time. In addition, features like the Loris Sentiment Graph, which displays changes in customer sentiment throughout the conversation, help analysts pinpoint the most relevant part of the call for review. 
  3. Better voice agent performance assessment: While many voice QA tools utilize random selection of interactions, Loris analyzes all your voice conversations for Conversational Quality (CQ), CSAT prediction, sentiment, review reasons, and more. This helps you determine which are most valuable for measuring agent performance and coaching opportunities, while also saving time by eliminating searching for calls to review manually and standardizing your QA approach.  

What’s next?

This recent release is only the beginning. The Loris Product and Engineering teams have some exciting new developments coming soon, and the next few months represents a significant leap forward in innovation for how we drive better quality and efficiency for customer experience teams. Stay tuned for more and when you’re ready to rethink the way you handle customer experience, give us a call. 

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