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Find resolved and unresolved conversations across your entire customer service operation

In customer service quality assurance, understanding whether conversations were resolved can be a painstaking task. Sure, you can look at things like sentiment, CSAT, and CQ scores as proxies, but that tells how the customer felt about the experience more than the outcome. And some customers will be more amenable to workarounds that might not have actually solved their issue, while others won’t be happy to have contacted you at all even though you solved their issue.

As part of The Gist, you can see a conversation summary, including whether that interaction was resolved, but you probably have better ways to spend your day than looking at thousands of interactions individually. If only there were another way…

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The Resolution Indicator gives you resolved and unresolved conversations at scale

Today Loris released the Resolution Indicator, which enables users to find resolved and unresolved conversations across their entire customer experience organization. This is can be helpful in a number of use cases:

Filtering by Resolution status

With the Loris Control Center, a user can filter all their search for unresolved or resolved conversations, as well as other criteria. This way, they can find the conversations that meet their specific need or interest – whether that’s understanding if a certain team has a high number of unresolved conversations, which could be a gap in training, or if unresolved interactions are on the same topic, which could be an opportunity to revisit your policies, documentation, or offerings.

Filter conversations by Resolution status
See Resolution across your conversations
Build your QA assessment and coaching process on Resolutions

For a more programmatic approach, you can also use Resolution when you are building or editing Scouts, which is how conversations are selected for QA assessment and scoring. This way, your QA analyst teams can focus on understanding why conversations weren’t resolved instead of spending time reviewing interactions that may have indicators of customer dissatisfaction, but were ultimately resolved.

Use Resolution in Scouts to focus your QA analysts on the right conversation

What else should I know about Resolution Indicator?

We think this is a pretty big deal. Which is why this capability is available for clients with a Professional or Enterprise package. Talk to your CXM or request a call to learn more.