Humanizing AI in CX: Using AI to Overcome Cognitive Overload

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Feeling overwhelmed by the growing prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Experience realm? You’re not alone. 

Technological advances are seeking to improve the way we approach CX strategy. But how does it all work, and how will it change the way we work? We sat down with industry experts to help explain the benefits of machine learning, natural language processing, AI, and more, and how best to leverage these technologies to improve CX. 

Use AI to overcome cognitive overload, not to replace human support

Meet Our Panelists

Industry leaders obsessed with leading customer experiences, with a focus on digital channels and emerging technology.

Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic, Jose was inspired to create a company that not only provides tech-enabled customer support for today’s fastest growing e-commerce businesses, but also one which creates opportunities locally & gives back to his native community. Horatio is a next-generation customer support firm that partners with high growth, digitally focused companies.

Jose Herrera

Co-Founder & CEO, Hire Horatio CX

With an academic background of Computer Science and Complex Human Behavior and Evolution, Seth boasts experience in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI, and more, making him valuable beyond measure to our mission here at Loris. As a Lead ML Scientist, he’ll answer all your questions on how CX technology functions and how it can do more for your CX strategy.

Seth Levine

Lead Machine Learning Scientist, Loris

A Physicist by education, Zak has been focusing on interesting problems in natural language processing and information retrieval since 2015. He’s worked on a variety of projects ranging from ML-based ranking for search to real-time entity extraction for conversational AI systems. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music, and camping with his family.

Zak Brown

Engineering Manager, Speech and Language Processing, Balto

As Loris’ Director of CX, Christina works directly with our customers to understand their CX pain points and determine all the ways that Loris can help. With experience in product, implementation, team management, and more,  Christina thrives in working with functional teams to identify how tech can best help different areas of business organizations achieve their goals.

Christina Drum

Director of CX, Loris

It seems like AI is everywhere these days. But what does that mean for the customer experience space?

What can AI do that humans can’t, and vice versa? To address these questions, we gathered CX leaders and data science professionals to explain the way things work, and how AI can help achieve tasks and growth that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible. 

Tune in to learn:
  • What Machine Learning (ML) is, and why you should care
  • How AI is best leveraged in CX
  • The value of sentiment models created especially for customer support