NEW YORK, NY – Loris, the leading AI-powered conversational intelligence platform driving deeper insights for customer-focused brands, announced the appointment of Brian Zang as Head of Revenue.

“Brands are looking to their customer experience leaders in order to understand where AI fits into their experiences and how it’s shaping their long-term strategy,” said Loris CEO Etie Hertz.

 “Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, both in customer experience technology as well as working with enterprise brands, making him the ideal fit for where Loris is in our growth. Having worked with him in the past, I can confidently say he’s the best revenue leader in the space. We’re excited to have him onboard and as a part of the Loris leadership team.”

As Head of Revenue, Brian is focused on growing the revenue organization at Loris and capturing the tailwind of accelerated AI adoption by customer experience organizations. This will include collaborating closely with the product, marketing, solutions engineering, and customer success teams, to ensure that the value Loris provides is reinforced throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

“The customer experience space is at a critical juncture where the need for AI solutions is so apparent, but the ability for most providers to execute is lacking. Loris is the real deal – with proven AI solutions that deliver immediate value and do so in a fraction of the time of the competition,” stated Zang. “It’s exciting to see where the Loris conversational intelligence and quality assurance platform is today and to understand where we’re headed. I’m looking forward to working with the Loris team to give these customer experience focused organizations the answers they need to drive greater customer insight and revenue growth.”

Prior to joining Loris, Brian led sales for a number of organizations, including Shelf, Virtru,, and ShopKeep. Brian has a double major in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Maryland.

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