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Loris delivers the Future of Quality today with our latest product release

Today we’re proud to announce not one but two major feature releases, which will significantly change the accuracy and speed of quality assurance and agent performance management. Each of these updates increases the distance between Loris as a trailblazer in the QA and CX insights space and existing QA tools. We are extremely proud of these innovations and look forward to continuing to expand on these capabilities in 2024.

Gain truly automated QA scoring for every conversation from day 1 with no training needed using Loris Analyst

The term “automated QA” can mean different things depending on who you’re talking to. Some QA providers consider the selection of conversations at random to be automated QA. Other QA providers believe that multi-month training based on user feedback counts as automated QA. At Loris, we believe automation means less work but the same quality, which is why this release provides true QA automation.

The Loris Analyst is an automated agent evaluation process that measures how well your customer service representatives satisfy specific line items within your scorecard. The first of these is Effective Communication, as in the common conversation management skills across all your conversations. Based on our work in customer service, these “soft skills” are universal across organizations and typically constitute 30-40% of scorecard criteria.

Conversation view scored by Loris Analyst
Loris Analyst automatically scores agent performance for Effective Communication skills

Using Loris Analyst, a significant portion of the agent evaluation is scored before the QA analyst starts working on it. In addition, these Effective Communication criteria tend to take much longer to assess, requiring QA analysts to go through interactions thoroughly or even multiple times. This automation speeds the overall assessment process and increases consistency, since AI is scoring all interactions the same.

Lastly, Loris Analyst comes out-of-the-box with everything needed to score the universal elements of every customer service conversation. No lengthy implementation. No multi-month training. You can get the full power of our AI platform from day 1.


Find a better way to QA – always select the most recent and relevant interactions with Scout

In most organizations, there’s no efficient way to select the right conversations for QA review. And the conversations that are reviewed could be from weeks ago, meaning any bad customer service agent habits not only haven’t been quickly addressed, but also could be persisting in every one of their conversations. Conversely, any mistakes that agents have fixed themselves are being brought up again even though they have been resolved. This leads to a process that is ineffective at addressing issues in a timely manner and frustrating for agents.

Within Loris CQA, Scout changes all that. No need to hunt for the right conversations — Scout chooses the right conversation for you as you complete your reviews. No need to search across multiple systems or interfaces — everything a QA analyst needs to review each conversation is right in front of them.

Scouts find the most recent and relevant conversations for review, so you can evaluate agent performance with enough time to improve it.

Scout automatically assigns the latest conversations to QA analysts, not only removing a tedious job from already-busy QA managers, but also ensuring the most recent and relevant conversations are reviewed. QA managers can also control which conversations to focus on based on Loris’ powerful filters and AI-generated markers, including Conversational Quality score, conversation drivers, reasons to review, and more. Once QA Managers create a Scout, it will automatically assign conversations to analysts immediately and for as long as they want. In addition, unassessed interactions can be added ad hoc for review.


Coach when you want, based on the latest assessments

Scout also improves the coaching experience for Agent Managers and Team Leads. Instead of waiting to receive a set of graded interactions as part of a coaching session, Team Leads request one dynamically. Scout creates a coaching session on-demand, so that the most recently graded interactions are prioritized. This helps Team Leads offer guidance on conversations that just happened, rather than ones from weeks ago. It also ensures that underperformance and bad habits are addressed quickly.


What this means for CX organizations

These product updates deliver a few key benefits to customer experience organizations:

  1. Faster, more consistent QA process: Using AI to automatically score interactions ensures objectivity while also significantly reducing the time it takes to QA conversations. And dynamic assessment and coaching mean no waiting for batch processes to run; run your QA on your schedule.
  2. Reduction in QA cost and effort: Through automation, QA analysts can handle significantly more agent interaction reviews, meaning you can either do more with less or focus those analysts on higher value work – from customer feedback analysis to more hands-on agent coaching.
  3. Closer eye on agent quality: Replacing batch processes with a near real-time assessment approach, Team Leads and QA Analysts understand how agents are performing today, instead of weeks ago. This way, bad habits and other issues can be addressed immediately rather than letting them persist for days or weeks.


What’s next?

We believe the future of quality is more dynamic, more automated, and more connected to the larger organization. And while we believe AI will play a key role, it will be in collaboration with CX experts and QA analysts rather than instead of them. We would love for you to join us in this journey as we drive better quality and efficiency for customer experience teams and the customers they serve. Stay tuned and reach out to our team when you’re ready!

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