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Slice Boosts Agent Performance and Reduces Service Recovery Costs with Loris

Giving Small Businesses a Piece of the Pie

Slice empowers independent pizzerias with the ordering, operations, and marketing that have powered the major chains. In doing so, it allows entrepreneurs to be in business for themselves, not by themselves. When in-restaurant dining was all but eliminated during the pandemic, Slice’s omni-channel online ordering allowed restaurants to stay afloat.

A quick snapshot of Slice


Platform serves more than
17,000 pizzerias


Available in all 50 U.S. states


Helped pizzerias save $250 million so far in delivery and
other service costs


Scaling live chat as a priority customer support channel.

The Challenges

Slice works with a customer service team of around 100 agents. Their primary goal with Loris was to improve key productivity metrics for these agents, like average handling time, average response time. With increased efficiency and productivity, they aimed to tackle the overall volume and reduce the duration of conversations that agents were having with customers. Slice also needed to ensure that agents adhered to their policies and that the training and onboarding process for new agents was faster and more effective.

Especially during busy periods, when local businesses were backed up on orders, Slice customer service agents have to field large spikes in customer inquiries. This means agents have to make smart decisions quickly and defuse situations with upset customers who are waiting for their delayed orders. One of the strategies Slice uses to build customer relationships is showing empathy and providing appeasement options such as credits. Slice saw an opportunity to partner with Loris to help reduce the total amount spent on these credits and offers.

Ultimately, Slice needed to find a way to address these challenges and also maintain their high standards for customer satisfaction.

The Solution

When Slice was searching for the right solution to address their challenges, Loris checked multiple boxes: With intelligent, dynamic language recommendations, Loris could help agents make faster, smarter decisions as well as communicate with customers in a more empathetic way.

Loris integrated easily with Salesforce and was rolled out gradually for three waves of agents over a period of four weeks across the customer service team. Throughout the onboarding process, Loris experts were at hand to shadow agents and optimized the system to improve adoption and performance. They ensured that the transition was seamless, until every agent was using Loris effectively in their daily workflows.

Loris also provided comprehensive insights into conversations and customer sentiment, allowing agents to take action in real time and offering supervisors the opportunity to give real-time, qualitative feedback and training.

The Loris Impact in Numbers

Average handle times decreased by 12%
Average CX response times decreased by 20%
Agent compliance with Slice appeasement policies increased to 81%
Appeasement credit spend decreased by 36% which is hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced appeasements

The Results

Increased Agent Productivity and More Efficient Training

From day one, Loris helped Slice significantly improve agent productivity. Using Loris’ Action Statement technique, agents are able to quickly hone in on the customer’s problem and solve it with language that appeases the customer. This reduced average handle times by 12%.

Agents were also able to deliver a positive customer experience using Loris’ Offer to Help. Validation, and Apology techniques, which enabled them to show empathy before diving deeper into the customer’s issue. With time saved and bandwidth freed up, agents were also able to tackle more customer queries.

Loris has also helped agents with real-time qualitative feedback, enabling Slice to enforce policy compliance. Customer service supervisors now receive insights from agent conversations, so they can offer guidance at the right time.

Dynamic Appeasement with Reduced Costs

Loris has also had a significant impact on Slice’s bottom-line metrics and credit spending. With its dynamic and intelligent appeasement guidance, Loris empowers agents to offer coupons to upset customers without hassle. This not only improves the customer experience, but it also decreased credit spending by 36%, saving the company a projected hundreds of thousands per year in reduced appeasements. After seeing positive results with the initial group of agents, Slice rolled out Loris’ credit guidance feature to the entire team. These improvements have increased agent compliance with Slice appeasement policies to 81%.

Better Conversations and Happier Customers

With Loris, Slice support agents are now able to offer effective solutions to customers with more empathy.

Slice agents also use Loris’ Conversational Insights tool. This tool helps agents drive higher-quality conversations, get granular insights into customer interactions, and spot opportunities to inform the strategy for both the customer service operations and the greater business. Ultimately, Slice management use Insights to see what’s working and what’s not, before updating language and policies in Loris’ Content Management System so messaging will be updated for agents in real time.

“We originally came to Loris with a mission to improve our agent’s productivity and to ensure that even newer agents could ramp up faster. Appeasements were not an initial focus. However, the impact that Loris demonstrated in just six weeks has been incredible, with a reduction in credits issued by 36% and a projected hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for our business . We now plan to further roll out Loris to additional channels.”

Enis Haskaj
Director of Operations, Slice

Supercharge your
customer support

with deeper insights, higher quality interactions,
and improved agent outcomes.

with deeper insights, higher quality interactions, and improved agent outcomes.

Real-Time Agent Assist
Sentiment tools and empathetic language suggestions based on predicted solve
Real-Time Insights
Live insights and alerts for team leads, QA and Managers
Language library and browse funtion let managers focus on fixing versus finding issues

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