The 4-Step Success Plan for AI Adoption in the Contact Center

In the last 12 months, questions around AI adoption in the contact center  have changed from if to when to “why haven’t we done this yet?!” But part of the obstacle to incorporating AI into your strategy is the total lack of transparency. When every tech company is claiming to solve all problems, it’s difficult to separate hype from actual value.

This panel brings together two experts who have successfully led AI adoption use cases in the contact center. Paula Kennedy, a thought leader in customer experience innovation who has held key strategic roles at IntouchCX, Concentrix, Sitel Group, TeleTech, and HCL BPO; and Etie Hertz, CEO of Loris, an AI startup using conversational intelligence to improve everything from customer insight to agent performance to quality assurance.

After this discussion, you’ll walk away with:

  • The ability to prioritize AI adoption projects with a plan for success
  • Clarity on necessary steps and missteps to avoid
  • Ways to measure the value of AI adoption while also mitigating risks
A wide aspect ratio concept art of a bustling contact center in a modern, open concept office. The scene features a woman with pink hair sitting at a desk working with a conversational intelligence platform

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AI is here.. and you need a plan.

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