The State of QA in Support And What Defines Quality in CX

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Listen in as Loris’ Head of Product, Eugene Mandel,  sits down with Interaction Quality Specialist extraordinaire Ines van Dijk and Customer Experience Leader Ash Rhodes for a discussion on the state of manual Quality Assurance in customer experience, the future they envision, and how organizations should really go about defining quality.

The definition of quality needs to be a feedback loop between a company and customers.

Meet Our Panelists

Industry leaders obsessed with leading customer experiences, with a focus on digital channels and emerging technology.

Ines started Quality in Support to help SaaS tech companies build fast and high-quality Customer Support teams. With a lengthy background in tech support herself, she experienced first hand what makes a great customer interaction, and sought to measure and leverage that data. Ines now helps companies with communication and workflow analysis, cost reduction strategies, and more.

Ines van Dijk

Interaction Quality Specialist, Quality in Support

Ash is a passionate advocate for the Human Support experience through purposeful development of team cultures and support processes. With an  extensive background in SaaS, Startup landscapes, proactive customer initiatives, and operational management, Ash started Ash Rhodes Consulting to help build and further develop remote customer service and success teams.

Ash Rhodes

CX Leader and Owner, Ash Rhodes Consulting

Eugene is an experienced data science and machine learning product leader with a passion for helping businesses find creative solutions for key problems by unlocking the knowledge in their data. Here at Loris, Eugene and his team are looking to solve the everyday pains of CX and QA leaders at companies of all industries engaging in digital customer experiences.

Eugene Mandel

Head of Product, Loris

Achieving consistent, high quality customer experiences at scale is a challenge every business faces.

And, as more support volume moves to digital channels, what was supposed to improve the effectiveness of support teams has made the job tougher for Quality Assurance professionals. Analyzing the vast array of customer engagements means days that are consumed with performance reviews, conversation transcripts, and manually created agent scorecards.

How are a few individuals expected to dictate what quality looks like, based on thousands and thousands of conversations, when only a small fraction can be manually evaluated?

Eugene engaged Ines and Ash in a conversation about the tedious, manual nature of QA in it’s current state, and the potential for a future where automated QA enables professionals to move from checking boxes to discovering insights that will help improve products and customer experiences alike.  

Tune in to learn:
  • The issues in QA for support teams today
  • Best practices for identifying quality metrics that serve your team and organization
  • The importance of collaboration between agents and leadership
  • How metrics like satisfaction, sentiment, and others play into quality measures

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