Retain control of
your outsourced Customer Success

When considering outsourcing your digital CS functions there is always uncertainty.
Will the outsourced agents be as good as my in-house ones? How would I even know if they are not? Will my metrics tank? Will quality suffer? Will the BPO do QA right? Will they follow my processes? Will I get my money’s worth?

With Loris you can ensure:

Loris also helps you get more out of QA. The automated and comprehensive nature of our platform provides insights and coaching tools from every conversation.

In a time where doing more with less is more than fancy marketing buzzwords, you need to make sure you get the most out of every aspect of your CX organization. With Loris, we provide real actionable insights on every conversation so you can make the decisions to ensure CX success.
Agent Guidance

Real-time agent
guidance & suggested text

Ensure outsourced agents say the right thing, at the right time with guided workflows that help agents follow policy, and respond to customers in a timely, accurate, and empathetic way. Everytime.

Quality Assurance

Automated QA for agent performance grades & coaching moments for 100% of conversations

Ensure you have the accurate visibility into how every agent handling your account is performing, and if they are achieving at the levels you demand.

Customer Insights

Instantly visualize the data from every conversation agents are having

Discover the top reasons customers are frustrated, understand the intent behind why they are reaching out, and retain visibility for everything that matters to customer success.

AI that powers your people

Give agents higher confidence as they handle more interactions and improve quality.
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CSAT Scores
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Handle Times
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Agent Ramp

A Good Conversation on
Bad Conversations in Customer Care

61% of customers switch after one bad experience
Challenging customer conversations happen everyday. Get solutions informed by the latest best practices and recent technology advancements.
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