See Customer Insights Across All Your Conversations

Turn your conversations into actionable Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights − not just data − by combining the power of proven machine learning models with the latest advancements in Generative AI.

The easiest way to VOC

Customer surveys capture around 10% of customer feedback (on a good day). See what you’re missing across 100% of conversations and across all your channels.

  • Track trending issue categories, volumes, and trends over time for a high-level view of your CX operations.
  • Spot emerging issues to get ahead of novel customer needs and areas of business to route issues accurately.
  • Filter the entire dashboard to see what you care about, like a drop in customer sentiment, resolution status, and more.
Voice of the customer insight
Voice of the customer insights - deep dive

From high-level trends to specific issues with a click

The Voice of the Customer dashboard provides an easy way to access deeper insights without complex data analysis.

  • Get the level of granularity you need, from who owns the issue to the specific driver of customer contact.
  • Go deep to see snippets of customer conversations for added context or even the individual interactions if needed.
  • Uncover the root cause of common issues eliminating obstacles causing customer frustration and churn.

Get the insights your business can actually use

Uncover product issues, competitive threats, and actionable summaries of customer contact trends to put your teams to work on pressing issues.

  • Get ready-made insights into your data, so you can spend less time analyzing and more time fixing.
  • Understand which customer interactions deal with your products to respond to and remediate potential problems.
  • Track competitive mentions along with metrics like CSAT and sentiment, to benchmark your brand against alternatives.

Key Insights for your Customer Experience

Voice of the Customer dashboard

See immediate CX insights, with intuitive widgets that make it clear what’s happening – and what to do about it.

The Gist: Conversation Summarization

Get just what you need from each interaction, so your team can stop listening to calls and writing summaries. 

Resolution Indicator: Find Issues at Scale

Understand which types of conversations aren’t being resolved to focus your team on where customers are struggling.

For Customer Experience Teams

VOC trends

Be the expert on your customers

Use AI to not only capture customer needs from all your conversations, but also key insights like changes in sentiment, recurring patterns, and emerging issues.

Find owners to fix issues

Track which internal teams and functions own top issues, so you have clear direction and evidence to fix problems once and for all.

For Product & Marketing Teams


Tap into product and competitive insights

Understand the volume, sentiment, and other aspects of customer conversations related to your product and competitive set.

Get early feedback on launches

See customer contact patterns related to new products, features, and marketing campaigns to fix potential issues and iterate quickly. 

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How BILL improved customer conversations with Loris

Bala Venkataramanan, Head of CX at BILL and his team gained better visibility into every customer conversation and the insights they need to drive positive outcomes.

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. At the same time, I’ve always asked myself, what would it take to go fast and go far!! The answer that I’ve found is, building solid partnerships.

One such example is that’s enabling our CX agents to gauge customer sentiment for every single transaction through an AI based engine that’s giving us breakthrough levels of understanding of customer experiences that the traditional surveys have not been able to. .”

Bala Venkataramanan
Global Customer Service Executive, Google, Intuit & HP

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