Loris vs Lang.ai

Trying to understand whether Loris or Lang fit your customer experience insight needs? 
The following table provides a comparison of Lang and Loris, to help you decide which approach works best for you and your team.

AI-powered customer analytics and insights
Customer sentiment analysis
Customer intent/contact reasons tagging
CX reporting and investigation tools
Voice of the Customer (VoC) insight
Help desk integrations & automation triggers
Omnichannel Quality Assurance coverage
Single platform for agent performance & coaching
Automated scoring of 100% of conversations
Interaction summarization & resolution indicator
Real-time agent guidance on digital channels

If you want to improve your entire customer experience, Loris has you covered better than Lang.ai.

With Loris you can:
  • Identify points of friction in the customer journey by measuring conversational quality at the agent, team, and organization level
  • Be the expert on what customers need and enact the necessary steps to improve their experience
  • Analyze and improve customer service performance clearly and easily
  • Give your agents the targeted feedback and guidance they need no matter where they are

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