Free Sentiment Detection for Every Conversation

Do you know how your customers really feel throughout every conversation they have with your agents online?

Access the Sentiment Analysis Tool

Searchable access to all your conversations to learn where sentiment changes

  • See where agents are having the most trouble and need coaching moments
  • Find out which agents are best at turning conversations around
  • Understand how your customers feel about your service and product
  • Understand which conversations are most difficult

What is Sentiment Detection Technology?

The video above will give you a greater understanding on how Sentiment Detection can help you better understand your interactions with your customers.
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What % of customer conversations are about the customer services team?

We often hear 70% plus. On average our data shows it’s actually only about 25%. Most of the conversations are about the product, marketing campaigns or company policies. This is just one example of an immediate insight that Loris can help your team both uncover, and act on.

Serj Smorodinsky
Team Lead, Data Scientist at Loris

What if you had the ability to search for churn threat signals in your customer conversations?

With Sentiment Detection you can search through all of your conversations and see how your customers felt at every stage
of the conversation all the way to individual message moments.

With this level of insight you can combine keywords of interest
and individual sentiment scores to uncover coaching moments and uncover your agents that have the best ability to turn around the
most challenging conversations.

With Loris, you’ll transform your business by bringing the best
of what humans and machines can offer in the CX space,
and get the results you need.

Loris can integrate with your existing tech stack
Loris is the end-to-end intelligence layer not only detecting issues, but helping your team continuously improve.
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