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Horatio Partners with Loris to Strengthen the Customer-Agent Connection

Horatio’s team of 1,500 bilingual agents will use Loris to further revolutionize the CX industry and enrich the the customer-agent relationship 


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – July 11, 2023 – Horatio, the customer service company behind viral e-commerce and rapidly-growing tech companies, today announces it has partnered with Loris to keep advancing customer service and BPOs as we know them. Loris is the AI platform that equips CX leaders with the real-time intelligence they need to help proactively identify and resolve emerging threats from customers that can negatively impact revenue and brand reputation. 


“We are always looking for ways for our team of agents to feel empowered and confident. By incorporating Loris’ innovative technology, our team will now have better access to  world class NLP analytics and data so that we can further understand our clients’ customer’s needs and preferences,” notes Alex Ross, Horatio COO and co-founder.


“Loris exists to empower humans by leveraging AI to create CX magic.  We’re excited to help transform Horatio and expand our vision of improving the quality of customer conversations across the globe using the latest cutting edge technology,” added Etie Hertz, CEO of Loris.


Horatio believes that while human agents are still best equipped to handle nuanced and sensitive CX interactions, AI-powered tools can increase both the speed and, in some cases, the preciseness of certain BPO processes. Loris enables advanced NLP-powered conversational analysis, thereby improving overall customer interactions and outcomes, while maintaining Horatio’s core ethos of human interactions first. 


Horatio was co-founded in 2018 by three Columbia Business School classmates, CEO Jose Herrera, COO Alex Ross and CFO Jared Karson and has revolutionized the BPO industry by making their agents’ employee experience unmatched and central to their mission.  


In 2023, Horatio ranked number eight on Inc Magazine’s fastest growing companies in the Northeast. For more information please visit www.hirehoratio.com or follow @HireHoratio @HireHoratiord.



About Horatio:

Horatio is the trusted partner for some of the fastest-growing startups and enterprises in the world. Their on-brand customer support teams help them leverage CX as a revenue generator through personalized customer experience support. As seen on INC, Forbes, and Bloomberg, and the recipient of the 2022 Customer Contact Week Next Generation Leaders Award. Launched in 2020, Horatio’s 1,100 employees now serve 100 clients nationwide. Horatio is headquartered in New York City with main offshore offices located in Santo Domingo and Santiago, Dominican Republic.


About Loris:

Loris is a real-time intelligence layer for customer service and support teams to ensure agents say the right thing at the right time. Unlike bots and other AI solutions, Loris combines both human and machine learning to surface insights in 100% of conversations in real-time and improve quality to drive the best outcomes across every customer interaction. Loris partners with the world’s fastest growing brands to materially reduce churn and boost LTV, all while lowering the costs of conversations.

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