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How to Improve Customer Service with Sentiment Detection

Do you know how your customers feel during chat and email conversations? We know that CSAT really can’t provide the full story – these surveys are usually riddled with bias, and the best response rate you can hope for is around 30%.

What if you could have feedback across 100% of your customer sentiment? That’s what Loris provides with natural language processing (NLP) powered sentiment detection.

Sentiment detection is a process of identifying and categorizing customer emotions expressed in their interactions using NLP and machine learning. Here, we’ll explore how sentiment detection improves customer conversations while providing recognition and coaching opportunities for agents.

Sentiment detection quickly identifies negative sentiment and if that sentiment improves through the interaction. On the flip side, it can indicate if a customer enters the chat on a positive note and the conversation goes downhill.

One way to use sentiment detection is to show real time customer sentiment to support agents – this alert helps them decide what urgency they need to treat the customer’s issue with.

Another way sentiment detection is used to improve Customer Experience is by analyzing the targets of positive and negative sentiment and identifying areas for improvement – whether it’s with the product itself, a delivery issue, an unsatisfactory Support interaction, or something else.

Sentiment detection can also be used to track changes over time. If you make changes to a product and see an increase in positive sentiment over the next few days, this may indicate the changes were successful and customers are happy. On the other hand, if there’s no change in sentiment over time, this may tell you there’s room to improve. Tracking changes over time allows you to see what’s working and what’s not.

And by looking at 100% of the conversations, you can remove the bias that comes with using just a small sample of conversations. You don’t need to wait for a CSAT survey – customers are already telling you how they feel by how they express themselves in your customer service interactions.

Understanding customer sentiment is key to providing great customer service! With Loris, you gain insight into common issues that customers are having and implement changes that will resolve those issues.